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iFree is the Spirit of Freedom. XBEEE is a Smile Symbol.

To implement this project, the idea of ​​an autonomous algorithm operating in automatic mode was chosen. All actions in the environment provided by the iFree algorithm are absolutely transparent and understandable to all participants. They recognize these terms and conditions as fair and honest.

In addition, we want to support the Spirit of Freedom inherent in the concept of cryptocurrency - this is not only the intention to have something independent of the influence of politics, but also the possibility of freedom of choice, which should be available to every person, especially when it comes to the game.

XBEEE offers to join the gameplay in which social qualities are extremely important, such as: communication skills - i.e. the ability to easily contact people; oratory - the ability to tell, agitate, eloquently and clearly convey the essence of an idea; organizational skills - the skill of setting tasks and coordinating behavior, in order to achieve clear and well-coordinated actions of the game team.

iFree removes the need for registration and identification on the xbeee website. Matching here is implemented based on the uniqueness of cryptocurrency addresses in the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network.

As in any social online game, the process of self-actualization plays an important role here, with the usual game challenge: Will I be able to? How high are my abilities compared to other players? ... however, there is no competition and everyone is deliberately grateful to everyone.

Typical position of each player: Will I find seven playing partners? Can I organize playing team of seven to follow a needed pattern? It is very important.

Usually, the amount of profit depends on the amount of investment. In this game, everything is different. Here, the profit depends on level of the communication ability, on the ability to tell about the possibilities and convey to potential game partners the essence of the game and the procedure for the iFree algorithm.

The better you approach the question of finding partners, the more success you will achieve. To achieve high results, each of your partners needs to carefully study the game, familiarize themselves with the logic, understand the algorithm, user agreement, find out the degree of risk and level of security. Give preference to partners with the following qualities: 1. Actively participates in MLM systems and has partners; 2. Actively uses the Internet and Social networks and has subscribers; 3. Has high abilities and can attract partners from other countries to your team; and, its very required: 4. Understands the logic and operation of the iFree algorithm. If you take these recommendations seriously, success awaits you.

All players are on an equal footing - in the face of constant growth in the complexity of the gameplay.

The first achievement in this game should be recognized as the return of the entry amount (i.e. no losses). Profit is the second merit. It is necessary to understand and accept the most important condition: If you cannot find partners, then most likely you will not be able to return the money paid for the entrance. On the other hand, any player will always be haunted by the temptation of stable success, since if it is possible to build a team with high quality, then this process can be repeated more than once - in the same way, and with the same game partners.

Therefore, if you intend to play, first study the game, then find 7 partners and only after that start the game, and not vice versa. Just like in a casino, you should not participate in the game without knowing the rules, place a bet and lose - the money cannot be returned in any way.

If you do not find game partners within two months, there is a possibility that the algorithm will try to help you by trying to offer your invitation ticket to a random visitor, as well as advertise his number on the xbeee.com website, without any guarantees for result. It is good if a partner is found, however - it is not known what he will be.


-Do you want to be successful in this game? - Find 7 active partners and teach them to act.

-And, nevertheless - How much can I possibly earn?

-The ultimate, theoretical maximum that can be earned through a single entry into the process: $67.255.930 (equivalent) ... but, you have the opportunity to play any number of times.


It is recommended to study:

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Luck depends only on you.
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