Algorithm “iFree”

To be successful in any game, we need to know how to play. To do this, we need to understand the principle of operation of the “iFree” algorithm. Let's figure it out. So:

In front of you are 7 BCH addresses (Bitcoin Cash). Suppose you have already decided to play and you have seven gaming partners who are also interested in this. You paid the equivalent of $600 to enter the game. This is the zero stage - the stage of entry using the ticket-invitation that you received from your partner. Your address is not yet here. The amount of the entrance has been received from you. What will happen next?

Take a close look at Fig.1, on the 7th position, the address of the partner who invited you (blue):


After receiving payment from you, the algorithm will immediately send the entire amount, distributing it to your upstream partners, $70 for each of the addresses - from the first to the seventh. The first address (position 1, red) will be deleted after receiving the payment. In this case, the second address will become the first, all addresses will move upward in numbers, and your address will set to position 7.

The new state of the addresses will be recorded in your unique ticket, which you will receive to invite 7 game partners. It's time to look at Fig.2:


Fig.2 - Look at the block on the right - this is the status of your referral ticket: Your address (green line) is the seventh position. This is the first stage for you and you give this ticket to your 7 partners. They will do the same, i.e. will pay for entering the game, and the algorithm will also send the entire amount, but then you will receive $70 from each of them - thus, you will already get back $490 of those that you paid for the entrance. Study carefully - this is a key point, and further, see Fig.3.


In Fig.3 (lower block) you can see the second stage. This is the status of the referral tickets for each of your seven partners. Your address (green) is already in the sixth position, and the addresses of your partners (blue) in position 7. Each partner will connect 7 of his partners (7 x 7 = 49) and you will receive an amount up to $3.430 (if all new partners pay, but - each of your partners intends to return their money and earn as much as possible, this is the interest of this game).

The game continues! 49 partners find 7 of their fellow travelers with the intention of building their own branch. The desire to return the invested amount and the prospect of making good money will not allow them to sit still, remaining indifferent.

Further development will follow the analogy already familiar to you - the first (red) address will be removed, your address will move to position 5 and you will enjoy a different level of income. At this stage 343 partners, your income can grow to $24.010 ... there are great opportunities in this game! The next step will be 2.401 partners (your address will be the 4th) and the income bar will rise to $168.070.

At some point, you may ask yourself a question: How long will 2.400 participants look for 7 game partners. The answer - is that they will try to do it as quickly as you did, in parallel and independently of each other. “iFree” offers not only a very dynamic and exciting game, but also a psychologically interesting model of new social relations, in which communication skills, the ability to tell and eloquently convey the essence of this venture are important.

When your address reaches the 1st position, it receives the last payout and is then removed. After that you can start a new game using a different BCH address. The maximum theoretical profit for the entire game cycle can be up to $67.255.930, but this is unlikely, since affiliate branches can have “problem tickets” and develop unevenly. You can read about how it is recommended to act in this case in the text “logic”. You can develop your own unique strategy. Let it be.


In addition to the main part of the “iFree” algorithm, you need to know the following:

Top address (E - expenses) - the expenses for maintaining the algorithm 10%, i.e. $60, these are: network commissions, rent of premises, servers and other equipment, salaries of programmers, transportation costs, consumables, spare parts, electricity and so on. There is no need to report to the audience for this amount. If there is a profit, we will definitely pay taxes.

Lower address (F - fund) - formation of the reserve fund 8.3% ($50) - The reserve fund “iFree” is necessary to cover urgent and unforeseen expenses, for example: emergency need for urgent purchase of expensive equipment, urgent expansion of the staff of programmers, or support services. The amount of the Reserve fund will be shown on the main page of the site in real time. If the amount remains unclaimed for the urgent needs of the algorithm, the Administration can decide on the development of new projects. In any case, we will take into account the opinion of the audience of the game participants and publish news on this matter on social networks and the official telegram channel.


Game honesty and “iFree” algorithm Transparency:

If funds from a game participant have been received in full ($600 calculated in BCH), iFree does not accumulate these funds, but immediately sends them to partners and service addresses.

After entering the game and receiving your referral ticket, you can ask your upstream partner if he received a payment in the amount equivalent to $70. This “option” is available only if you were invited personally - your friend or acquaintance. If you entered on a random ticket that you found on the Internet, or on the site, then there will be no one to ask. Many players carefully conceal their participation and we are obliged to respect their interests and their “Human Rights”.

When you enter the site, you can see the status of your ticket, or any ticket in the system, but you will not see the addresses, otherwise it would violate the rights of users and their personal safety. Be guided by your own experience - if you invited partners and received the appropriate payment, then the algorithm is working properly. If you find an error in the operation of the algorithm or in the operation of the site, please contact the technical support service, in the lower right corner of the site.


Underpayment: If the funds received are not enough to enter the game, i.e. the amount received is less than the equivalent of $600 at the current BCH/USD rate, then the system recommends paying the missing amount. If, within the period specified in the invoice, the payment is not received in full, the algorithm will send the entire amount back to the main address that you provided.

Overpayment: If the received amount is more than $ 600, but less than 10% (for example, $645), then the system will send the difference in excess of the input amount ($45) to the account of the Reserve fund. If the received amount exceeds the input amount by more than 10% (for example, $678), then the system will return the difference ($78, in this example) back to the main address that you provided.

Consider these features when paying your bill (when you start playing). It is recommended to pay from the address where you enter the game.

If the sender's address is unavailable, for any reason, the algorithm will send this amount to the Reserve Fund account. In this case, claims will not be accepted. Dispose of your funds carefully.

* * *

Attention! To avoid any disputes in the text of the “Agreement” there is a clause that warns about the use of a static BCH address. This content may seem absurd to some extent, but we are obliged to comply with security measures:

Quote from the text of the “User Agreement”:

To participate in the game, you must have a static BCH address - this is an important condition for the game. First of all, find out if your wallet address will change after sending funds. If your BCH address is unavailable, it will be impossible to return your funds. The system will not be able to send or return funds to you. Each player agrees to this condition.

* * *

In addition to studying the “iFree” algorithm, it is strongly recommended to study:

logic policy user agreement
Play with pleasure. We wish you a fun game.
Sincerely, XBEEE.COM team.