The Logic of the game “iFree”.

01. If you are reading this text, then you have already learned the “iFree” algorithm. If not, then you are advised to first understand the mechanics of the algorithm, and then return to this page.

02. offers a very unusual game, fair and absolutely transparent. The gameplay environment is provided here by the “iFree” algorithm. There is no room for hidden functions in the structure of the algorithm. You can familiarize yourself with its description in the text “algorithm”. Having studied the algorithm, you will understand that no one is risking your funds. Xbeee does not trade and does not participate in securities transactions - the algorithm does not accumulate funds of the participants in the game.

03. The security of Personal Data is implemented here through the absence of a registration process. The player is identified by a unique BCH address and ticket number, but access to the study of any entry point is open to everyone - this does not have any effect on the game process. In addition, open access to data provides transparency, the ability to more conveniently search for “Stop tickets” and game chains.

04. Any game is entertainment and actualization of oneself, one's abilities in relation to other participants in the game. In addition, here you may be interested in striving to get the maximum amount of game currency, here it is BCH (Bitcoin Cash). To play the game, you need to have a valid BCH address and an amount of BCH equivalent to USD 600 (at the time of sending funds).

05. Before entering the game, you must study the “iFree” algorithm. If you are interested, then you will tell other people about the prospects and possibilities of this game. Sociability is the first quality that cannot be dispensed with in order to achieve success. In order to beautifully tell or write texts on social networks, you need to know the algorithm and have certain oratorical skills (rhetoric). To get past the first and most important stage, you need to have 7 gaming partners who, like you, will learn the game and pay an entry fee (same, $600 in BCH).

06. Choice of gaming partners - treat this as efficiently as possible. It should really be a “close-knit team”, then you can get what you have been striving for (perhaps your whole life), or even what you have not dreamed of. Pay attention to this scheme:

You are attracting 7 partners (top right). They come into the game and by algorithm rule $490 is returning to you (...same like a very fast cashback).

07. Your partners will act in the same way - each of them will find 7 gaming partners in an effort to get their money back and earn as much as possible, and you again will get, but 7 times more, namely $3.430 ($490 X 7). With each level, the amount will increase sevenfold, but it should be understood that the branches may develop unevenly.

08. You have already figured out that the algorithm implements the progression “7 to the power of 7”, with a maximum number of participants in a branch of 960.799 and a potential opportunity to get up to $67.255.930 (in BCH).

09. The difficulty of the game will constantly grow, but here all players are on an equal footing, because To start the game and overcome the first stage, each player must carefully weigh their real capabilities, faced with the challenge: Will I be able to find 7 game partners and build a game team? A team in which everyone knows what to do, and how to act in order to achieve the maximum possible result.

10. “Stop-ticket” is an open entry point in the structure of any gaming partner - ie. this is the availability of free slots for inviting partners (from one to seven vacancies). The reason for the resulting “traffic jam” can be anything - concerning a person's personal life, or irresponsibility - the inability to adequately assess their capabilities. You do not know the true reason for the failure in the activities of a partner, therefore - treat partners with respect.

11. You can help your partners. Eliminating Stop Tickets is an important task and routine for every player. It is possible to find the resulting problem tickets up to any level without the participation of partners. To do this, in the input field on the main page of the site, enter your ticket number and click the search button - the system will open your entry point and the nearest partner branches. Having found a “Stop-ticket” (copy its number), and again - aim to find game partners. Try to suggest the ticket to your friends or acquaintances, or you can advertise it. You do this for yourself, for the development of the branch and the continuation of the your game.

12. Remember - a new partner promotes you 1 level up (in each specific branch). For greater efficiency, we recommend that you pay attention to the following strategy: 1. Search for partners in the structures of developed MLM companies; 2. Search for MLM partners in other countries of the World; 3. Attracting bloggers with a large number of subscribers; 4. If you achieve special success in the game, you can use advertising tools, organize your own blog on social networks, produce video materials telling about the strategy, logic and operation of the “iFree” algorithm. This is your game and strategy, your decisions and methods for achieving success.

13. You should also be aware that if there are “Stop tickets”, if their “age” is more then two months, the system can offer this free ticket to any random visitor of the site, ie. theoretically, you can get a partner with unknown personal characteristics. The likelihood of such a “gift” is extremely small, but nevertheless, this must also be taken into account.

* * *

14. Reference: Today on the planet Earth more than 150,000 people who have turned 18 are celebrating their birthday. There will be more of them tomorrow. Population growth (2021) is more than 265,000 people per day, and this number is constantly growing. The volume of one branch “iFree” is limited to 960.799 participants, since the seventh level for any address is the last - participation in the game for this address (in a certain branch) will be terminated. Therefore, taking into account the specifics of the game “iFree”, it can be argued that the theoretical opportunity to find seven game partners will never run out. It can be difficult, but …what you can't do for your favorite game.

game potential (by level), BCH in $ equivalent:

1 level
7 partners X $70
= $490
2 level
49 partners X $70
= $3.430
3 level
343 partners X $70
= $24.010
4 level
2.401 partners X $70
= $168.070
5 level
16.807 partners X $70
= $1.176.490
6 level
117.649 partners X $70
= $8.235.430
7 level
823.543 partners X $70
= $57.648.010
7.960.799 partners X $70
= $67.255.930
It is recommended to study:
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We wish you an exciting and dynamic game.
The XBEEE.COM team.